Andrea Agrati

Andrea Agrati

Andrea Agrati
Monza Brianza
(+39) 0392300689

Biography and Works

Aviation art came into my life from very far away in time, as airplanes did. I have fond memories of my dad making incredibly nice models; at that time he was already on those wonders like Airfix 1/24s. It must have been more than thirty-five years ago, but I do remember when he took us to the shop to buy the next new model, or when we were making models together on Sundays.  ...see more

Like many other youngsters of my age, I soon became a modeller myself, meeting with school mates and going together buying new model kits in the local small shop. They were mostly Airfix 1/72, sometimes Matchbox too and I remember digging into the dusty shelves searching for strange planes. We used to spend endless afternoons hanging around with these small planes, often loaded with far too much glue or paint. When the modeller age came to an end, my interest moved to vintage airplanes. I subscribed to some dedicated magazines and there I discovered about the aviation art world.


Artist's Work 1
Fishermen and Noorduyn Norseman
Artist's Work 2
Noorduyn Norseman after a day of fishing
Artist's Work 3
Short Twin Pioneer in the Alps
Artist's Work 4
Douglas DC-4
Artist's Work 5
Aermacchi M346 Master
Artist's Work 10

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