Ben Bensen III

Ben Bensen III

Ben Bensen III
(985) 796-0972

Biography and Works

A graduate of USL in Lafayette, Louisiana, and Art Center College of Design, Ben has been making a living as a storyboard and comp illustrator in the advertising business for over thirty years. His clients range from consumer goods to aerospace, to autos and technology.

He has been a member of the Society of Illustrators in Los Angeles since 1979 and serves as the AFAPO chairperson for all of Southern California.


Artist's Work 1
"Thawing Out-A Mission Of Mercy" is the last painting I created for the Air Force Art Program. It was never delivered!
Artist's Work 2
A Plein Air painting on a cold, wet and windy day for the WWII Museum AirShow at the NewOrleans Lakefront Airport in 2017.
Artist's Work 3
A Christmas present a wife who hates flying asked for a portrait of her husband's Piper Malibu.
Artist's Work 4
My "ode to Jack Leynnwood" entitled, "No Man Left Behind" for a friend who was a Vietnam Vet.
Artist's Work 5
A montage for the AFAPO about the heritage of the 466th fighter squadron as they retired the F-15 for the F-22 Raptor.
Artist's Work 6
A dimly lit YF-84F, serial No.49-2430, reconfigured as a FiCon fighter and stored at a Dayton hangar before it was refurbished for the Air Force Museum. I had no idea of the historic value of the plane until I started painting it for the AFAPO.
Artist's Work 7
An 18"x24" oil painting I created for The English Tea Room in Covington, Louisiana depicts James McCudden's last flight over London before reentering the war.
Artist's Work 8
A poster I designed and painted celebrating the Pierce Arrow's 60th Anniversary in 2017. I combined a Creve Couer airport fly in of vintage thirties aircraft with an award winning Pierce Arrow restoration. The painting was paid by the owner of the car and a framed canvas print hangs on the walls of the Gilmore Museum in Michigan.
Artist's Work 9
A digital concept that never was put to paint.
Artist's Work 10
Moody illustration of observation platform stored in Air Force Museum hangar at Wright-Patterson awaiting restoration.

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