Charles Patterson

Charles Patterson

Charles Patterson
Spring branch

Biography and Works

Growing up on Air Force bases all over the country and Japan, Charlie was surrounded by aircraft his entire childhood, fueling his fascination with them from the time of his earliest memories. Following graduation from The University of Texas with a BS in Aerospace Engineering he entered the U.S. Navy’s Aviation Officer Candidate School, finishing first in his class and commissioned an Ensign in December 1982. Carrier qualification and Naval Aviator wings came in 1984 which began an active and Navy Reserve career spanning 22 years, flying many aircraft from old radial engined T-28’s to flight instructing in jets. Charlie began life as an airline pilot in 1990, continuing to the present...more
Over the years he has produced many commissioned pieces from small drawings to large oil painting murals which hang in Navy and Air Force squadron spaces, Naval Air Station officers clubs, foreign dignitaries offices, and in personal collections. His work has won acclaim and been selected as a finalist in the National Museum of Naval Aviation’s annual art contest. 
With nearly 40 years of flying experience and approaching the end of his professional flying career, Charlie now eagerly looks forward to devoting much of his time to this lifelong passion.


Artist's Work 1
F-14 Tomcat
Artist's Work 2
“The Gold Standard for over 40 years”
T-2 Buckeye, TA-4 Skyhawks, USS John F Kennedy
Artist's Work 3
“Flaming’ Amin and
Sgt Pat”
KC-135 and F-100
Artist's Work 4
“French Wings”
Artist's Work 5
“Special Delivery”
US Marine Corps PBJ in WW II
Artist's Work 6
Work and title in progress
T-38 Talon
Artist's Work 7
Artist's Work 8
“Over the Top”
Artist's Work 10

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