Gary Elshoff

Gary Elshoff

Gary Elshoff

Biography and Works

Gary Elshoff has professionally made custom designed stained glass windows for over 20 years. Emphasis has been on aviation themes, though the work has ventured into other themes, including the new ‘State Counties’ collection. As an Artist Member of the American Society of Aviation Artists, his work can be seen in homes, offices, universities, retail venues, and hangars throughout the United States and abroad in Europe and Asia. ...more

Gary is a self-taught artisan who has developed a special style in glass design that embraces the unique character of colored glass as a vehicle for telling the ‘story’ about the subjects he has brought to the world of the stained glass window.


Artist's Work 1
Copter Curl
Artist's Work 2
Centennial Naval Aviation F-18
Artist's Work 3
Plane Time - DC-3
Artist's Work 4
Capital Airlines DC-3
Artist's Work 5
Carib Columbia - Lancair C400
Artist's Work 6
Ming's Menace
Artist's Work 10

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