George Guzzi

George Guzzi

George Guzzi
West NEwton
H= 617-244-2932; (Summer): 207-883-9076

Biography and Works

George Guzzi graduated from Tufts University in 1956 with a BA in Chemistry and Biology He received an Arts degree from the Art Institute of Boston in 1959 and served on the Institute’s faculty from 1959 to 1965. George is a member of the American Society of Aviation Artists, the American Society of Marine Artists, and the Society of Illustrators in New York City, NY. He has traveled abroad for the USAF Art Program, vivsiting Panama, Italy, Germany, Spain and England to document Air Force activities. As a member of the NASA Art Program he has documented five launches, a landing and astronaut training at the Johnson Space Center in Texas. Two of his paintings traveled to museums around the world as part of NASA’s “Visions of Flight” show. ...more



Artist's Work 1
Fokker DVII at Rhinebeck
Artist's Work 2
Super Hornet Back to the Nest
Artist's Work 3
Dale Garner Performs EVA, Mission STS-51A
Artist's Work 4
Ronin's Victory Number 4
Artist's Work 5
Howard Aby and PBY Catalina Crew Spot Japanese Fleet at Midway
Artist's Work 6
Hurricane Alert; Battle of Britain
Artist's Work 10

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