Gp Capt S.M. A. Hussaini

Gp Capt S.M. A. Hussaini

Gp Capt S.M. A. Hussaini
H: +92 51 4470851 ; C +92 - 333 5261217
Artist Fellow

Biography and Works

An Artist Fellow of the ASAA, Group Captain Syed Masood Akhtar Hussaini is the official Military Aviation Artist of the Pakistan Air Force. Born in January 1951, he joined PAF College, Sargodha in 1963 and was commissioned as a pilot in March 1971 at the PAF Academy, Risalpur, gaining a Bachelor's degree from that institution. In 1973 he qualified as an Air Defence Weapons Controller, a capacity in which he continued to serve until his retirement in 2000. In addition to five full-colour volumes of his paintings, Hussaini's art work has appeared in several other publications. On the 40th anniversary of the PAF, the Government of Pakistan issued ten commemorative postage stamps, all bearing the miniaturised prints of his aviation paintings. Several exhibitions of his art have been held.  ...more

Hussaini is well-known in foreign countries. His paintings are displayed in the air force premises of Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, the UK, the USA and Zimbabwe. In 1987, the President of Pakistan conferred on him the Tamgha-i-Basalat (medal of honour) in recognition of his contributions as the Aviation Artist of the PAF. This was followed in 1998 by the President's Gold Medal for Pride of Performance to Hussaini. Keith Ferris (Founder ASAA) was the first professional artist to recognise Hussaini's extraordinary talent and became his friend and mentor, sharing with him the outstanding ability for using the aerial points of view that are both unusual and dramatic, perspectives that impart a sense of speed and excitement on the scene. Ferris also visited Hussaini's studios at King Khalid Air Base in Saudi Arabia in 1981 and at Chaklala Air Base in Pakistan in 1987. Although retired from active air force duty, Hussaini's commitment to art and the PAF continues with undiminished vigour.


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