Michael O'Neal

Michael O'Neal

Michael O'Neal
Artist Fellow

Biography and Works

Focusing on the earliest periods in aviation history from the dawn of flight to the end of WW I, wood and fabric airplanes dominate Michael's paintings. While still in high school, Michael began compiling a complete list of biographies of WW I pilots who hailed from his home state of New Jersey. The lasting impressions created by his interviews with several veterans, all them well into their 80s, focused his energies on the World War period 1914—1918. 

An ASAA member since 1992, Michael's art instruction has come primarily through the ASAA forums and its members. In 1997, his painting "Sharks," won the James V. Roy, Jr. Award as best in the show by an ASAA member at the annual ASAA exhibit and "Sons of Albrecht," was judged "Best of Show" at the 5th annual CAE SimuFlite/Flying Magazine Horizons of Flight exhibition in Dallas, Texas.


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8” x 10” Oil
Two Fokker Eindeckers cruise over France in the spring of 1916. The first fighter aircraft to carry forward-firing machine guns, they were the “Scourge” of the western front in 1915-1916.
Artist's Work 10

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