Pati O'Neal

Pati O'Neal

Pati O'Neal

Biography and Works

Raised in Hawai'i, Pati has been involved with art for many years and started receiving awards while young including a national award while a teen. Since then, she has continued to receive recognition for pieces in juried shows. Her works show her ability and skill in various mediums, styles and techniques, and her ease with numerous subjects. The interest in aviation began as a child growing up near a military base and watching visiting air shows. She first became involved with aviation taking flight lessons and working as a flight attendant for an inter-island airline. Since then she has been an avid enthusiast of the many facets of aviation. ...more

Aviation art allows her to combine her interests and enjoy the challenge of portraying the different dimensions of aviation, from scenic images to illustrating stories. She is a member of many artists' organizations and has her work available at select galleries in Hawai'i.


Artist's Work 1
Staggarwing Reflections
Artist's Work 2
Flagship Detroit
Artist's Work 3
Swat Valley Aid
Artist's Work 4
Rise and Shine Cubs
Artist's Work 5
California Dreaming
Artist's Work 6
Afternoon Delights
Artist's Work 10

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