Rick Ruhman

Rick Ruhman

Rick Ruhman
Artist Fellow

Biography and Works

Rick Ruhman pursues a lifelong interest in aviation through his artwork. His paintings, photographs, and writings have been internationally published for over twenty years. An Honors Graduate from the University of California, he is a Charter Member/Artist Fellow of ASAA, a member of the Society of Illustrators, and contributes to the USAF Art Program. Known for his detailed, photorealist style, his award-winning paintings have been displayed in museums and galleries around the country, including the USAF Museum and the Pentagon. ...more

His favorite projects are recreating historic events by working with the actual participating veterans. He has had the opportunity to meet, interview, and work with many well-known aviation personalities. Rick was chosen to create both commemorative prints for the Reno National Championship Air Races where he has crewed on a racing team and been a race course photographer starting in 1980. He has authored "The Warbirds," a book of his aviation photography.


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