Ronald Wong

Ronald Wong

Ronald Wong
St. Albans
Artist Fellow

Biography and Works

Ronald’s name needs little introduction to air force units in Western Europe and the US, for whom his precise and dramatic aviation work has been a familiar presence and inspiration for many years. His University degree in biochemistry originally set him on a career in the British health laboratories, and it was years afterwards that he returned to his childhood love of painting, and of aircraft. With his own unique style as a self-taught artist, combining technical knowledge and accuracy with dynamism and atmosphere, his work has won numerous prizes.  ...more

While a long-standing member of the Guilds of Aviation Artists and of Motoring Artists, his work continues to range over the full spectrum, including portrait and figure work, marine and wildlife and landscape subjects. He has published over 130 print editions for military units, airline and aerospace companies and galleries.


Artist's Work 1
Artist's Work 2
Death of a Diver
Artist's Work 3
Bartini's Bizarre Behemoth
Artist's Work 4
Aardvarks Over Germany
Artist's Work 5
Royal Air Force Magazine cover art 2010
Artist's Work 6
Flying High
Artist's Work 10

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