Sather Bruguiere

Sather Bruguiere

Sather Bruguiere

Biography and Works

Born in Oakland, California in 1940, Kenneth Hamilton Sather (as in sayther) Bruguière (as in brewgair) is the grandson of pioneering Modernist photographer Francis Joseph Bruguière (1879-1945). See BRUGUIÈRE - His Photographs and His Life. James Enyeart, Alfred A. Knoph, New York, 1977. Although largely self-taught Sather Bruguière's work has been part of a life-long study of art and artists.  see more ...

For almost fifty years he has been specializing in regional landscapes and other genre throughout the United States. Working in oil, he has also painted in Canada, Spain, Greece, and the Middle East. Since 1964 Sather's paintings and photography has appeared in numerous regional and national juried exhibitions as well as galleries from San Francisco to New York. During most of this period he supported himself as an airline pilot when he joined TWA as a B-727 Flight Engineer in 1967 until his retirement from UPS as a B-747 Captain in 2000. Now he has returned to photography and painting full-time and continues this work in Louisville, Kentucky. Sather and his family and their riverdog, Jack, have lived in Louisville since 1989.


Artist's Work 1
Running up the Salween
Artist's Work 2
Artist's Work 3
Old Control Tower Del Rio
Artist's Work 4
Checking the Target at El Centro
Artist's Work 5
Wildcat off Cape Esperance
Artist's Work 6
Blues Brothers
Artist's Work 10

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