Stan G. Vosburg

Stan G. Vosburg

Stan G. Vosburg
H: 714-538-3229; W: 714-538-7595

Biography and Works

Stan Vosburg is an artist and engineer who entered the field of aviation art. Like many of his peers he was hooked on aviation at an early age and spent much of his youth in Southern California which, in the mid 50's, was a national focal point of aviation with numerous aircraft manufacturers and military airfields. Like many aviation enthusiasts his interest in aviation translated into a desire to fly but military vision requirements for flight training prevented him from being able to fulfill his dream. With a career change now a necessity, Stan turned his education and skills to working in the aerospace industry. ...more

For nearly thirty years his engineering career in the aerospace defense industry has provided him with job satisfaction and continued involvement in aviation. Originally turning to painting as a means to relieve stress and serve as a diversion, his instructor encouraged him to push harder and try more challenging subjects. Stan's early successes convinced him to take his painting more seriously. After discovering the American Society of Aviation Artists, Stan merged his love of aviation with his desire to paint. Encouraged by other aviation artists he has started to develop his own approach to aviation art, one that combines history, aviation and the human interface that makes aviation so important to all of us. With images quite different from the main stream aviation art, Stan has found a unique niche that satisfies both artist and collector.


Artist's Work 1
Twin Tails and Carrot Tops
Artist's Work 2
Impressing the Night Shift
Artist's Work 3
The Spider and the Fly
Artist's Work 4
Buzzin' the Bay
Artist's Work 5
Lightning Lady
Artist's Work 6
Shootin' Stars of the 94th
Artist's Work 10

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