William Kluge

William Kluge

William Kluge
C: 757-375-8226
Artist Fellow

Biography and Works

After spending four years working on Marine Corps "slow movers" - helicopters and OV-10s - Bill entered Virginia Commonwealth University's commercial art program. Graduating in 1982, he immediately went to work as a full time illustrator and graphic designer for NASA, where he created conceptual and documentary illustrations for such projects as the Space Shuttle, Space Station, High Speed Civil Transport and Blended Wing Body, as well as designing hundreds of program logos. After 34 years at Langley Research Center, he retired in 2016. An Artist member of ASAA since 1992, Bill's works are on display in the Virginia Air and Space Center, the Hampton Virginia Airpower Park and the Oshkosh Aviation Museum, as well as the NASA Langley Research Center. Painting primarily in alkyds from his home studio, he divides his time between aviation and (flying) wildlife subjects.


Artist's Work 1
Coalition Force
Artist's Work 2
A Closer Look
Artist's Work 3
Doras at Six O'Clock
Artist's Work 4
The Sentinel
Artist's Work 5
The One That Got Away
Artist's Work 6
HL-20 Departs Space Station
Artist's Work 7
The Eyes Have It
Artist's Work 8
Golden Days
Artist's Work 9
Dusk on the Marsh
Artist's Work 10
Peeping Tom

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